Core is the material that is installed inside the frame of the track. FabricWall offers several types of core for different applications. Below are documents representing the different core materials, testings and NRC ratings, if applicable. If you have any questions, please contact us.

FWPOLY – Polyester

Environmental friendly acoustical panel.

FWAP – Fiberglass

Popular and economical acoustic panel.

FWTW – Micore

Inexpensive durable tackboard.

FWATF – Tackable Fiberglass

Sound-absorbing panel and tackboard.

Specialty Engineered Acoustical Core

These specialized cores are designed for sound studios, music rooms, band rooms, performance halls and other important sound controlling areas.

Balance Panel (FWBP)

Low frequency sound absorbing core.

Low Frequency Absorber (FWLFA)

Excellent low-frequency, sound-absorbing core.

Random Absorption Diffusion (FWRAD)

This core absorbs and diffuses sound.