Project Showcase - Hurd Welcome Center, Baylor University

Hurd Welcome Center – Waco, Texas

The Hurd Welcome Center at Baylor University features FabricWall stretch fabric system installed in angular patterns between the protruding forms along the walls. Acrylic backed; Carnegie Xorel Dash fabric was used for this project. The white fabric and clean tuck lines create a bright, and modern look.

For this installation, 10MOTD and 10MOCL tracks were utilized. 10MOCL is a mid-wall track that is 1”, and 10MOTD is a perimeter track that is 1”. With both tracks, fabric is tucked into the track from the top down for a top load.

Interested in learning more about FabricWall track?

FabricWall Track is available in numerous thicknesses, colors, as well as PVC free.